How does DVT differ from some of the other providers?


A. DVT is unique. We were founded by a multi-disciplinary team including a cardiologist, an ultrasound sonographer with 22 years of experience, an investment banker, and an attorney. We invest in our business! As the result of the broad skill set of the team, DVT focuses upon excellent client service, skilled sonographers, and a business model which generates significant profits to our clients. 

Importantly, our business was developed with close attention to the regulatory and statutory framework applicable within the healthcare sector.


Q. How does DVT work with my practice?


A. DVT comes to your office with all equipment and required consumables, on a regularly scheduled basis. Specifics differ depending upon your needs. In general, see “The Process” for a broader discussion of our operations, or Contact Us, for a discussion on how the specifics would apply to your practice.


Q. What do the technical and professional components mean?


A. The technical component is payment for the performance of the study, while the professional component is payment for the interpretation. The interpretation is performed by an appropriately trained and credentialed cardiologist, vascular surgeon, or radiologist who will generate a report of findings.


Q. How do DVT’s services relate to the professional component?


A. DVT does not perform the interpretation, nor are we involved in the interpretation. Interpretations are either performed by physicians with whom you have an existing relationship, or we can introduce you to well-qualified physicians to interpret and report on the studies. DVT will provide the interpreting physician access to a technological infrastructure which allows the studies to be received in a HIPAA-compliant manner via the Internet.


Q. How do I get paid?


A. There are numerous models under which DVT operates, but in most cases, you will bill insurance for the Technical or Global Fee associated with the study.


Q. How does DVT get paid?


A. There are numerous models under which DVT operates, but all result in DVT being paid a fixed fee for our service.


Q. What insurance typically covers diagnostic testing?


A. Most PPOs, as well as Medicare, will reimburse for diagnostic studies. There may be specific limitations with a few of your carriers pertaining to your contractual right to perform these studies. 


Q. Do the reimbursements vary for different healthcare professionals?


A. There is a preset reimbursement allowance for diagnostic exams, and it is usually consistent for all ordering physicians. (M.D., D.O., D.P.M.)


The provision of ancillary services is a complex area, and we invite you to contact us to discuss all of the details, and assess whether our services might be appropriate for your practice.